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Bankruptcy Fees

Bankruptcy fees are based upon a sliding scale. In 30 years of practice I have never charged more than $1200.00 for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Most fees are in the range of $800.00-$900.00. and fees may be as low as $600.00, not including the filing fees. The amount of fees is based upon 3 factors:

(a) Number of Creditors, collection agencies and others requiring notice;
(b) type of creditors (secured or unsecured) ; and
(c) the degree of assistance in preparation of schedules and statements.

For instance, if you have less than 5  creditors, are able to complete the Bankruptcy Forms on this website, and do not require an immediate filing to stop a garnishment or foreclosure  I will file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition for $650.00. This includes representation at your meeting of creditors.

On the other end of the scale, if you have 30-40 creditors, some of whom are secured,  and need to file immediately it is likely I will charge you $1,100.00. But I will need to know more before giving you a final quote.

In certain situations I will agree to a payment plan of the aforementioned fees. However, in order for me to agree to such an arrangement you must have a friend or family member who is employed sign a personal guarantee in which they agree to pay any unpaid balance in the event you do not pay me. In ALL situations I will need at least the filing fee of  $335.00 before filing your case.

Normally (90-95%of the time) there will be no other fees. However if the discharge of a debt to any creditor is challenged , or you wish to reaffirm a debt, or a creditor files a Motion for Relief From Stay, there will be an additional charge of anywhere from $100.00 to $400.00. As stated above this is extremely rare and if it happens you will be given the opportunity to accept or reject the additional services.

Based upon the above I will provide a quote of fees over the phone or via e-mail. Prior to filing your case I will prepare a Bankruptcy Fee Agreement in which all fees are enumerated. That Bankruptcy Fee Agreement will be signed by each of us and will form the contract for my representation and performance of services.