Do you need a Denver Bankruptcy Attorney?  Call for a no-cost consultation at my Denver Colorado office if you are:

  • Considering Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy
  • You would like the abusive collection efforts to stop
  • Need help dealing with your mortgage holder
  • Want help making certain you credit report is accurate
  • Fear you home will be lost to foreclosure
  • You are facing a lawsuit with a collection agency

You will learn the differences between Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, a liquidation, and Chapter 13, a Plan of reorganization.  

If neither of these is an option, or you are more concerned about defense in a collection lawsuit, correcting you credit file, being protected from overly aggressive collection agencies, or abusive mortgage companies, I will help you understand the next steps in the process.

Contact Denver Bankruptcy Attorney Kevin M. O’Shaughnessy – Bankruptcy Lawyer in Denver Colorado and Surrounding Areas.

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Kevin M. O’Shaughnessy has been a practicing attorney since 1984. During that time, he has practiced in many different areas. For the past fifteen years, the major focus of his practice has been in consumer bankruptcy.

          Bankruptcy can be a frightening procedure, but it doesn't have to be. However, the current economic condition is making it impossible to avoid for many financially fragile Americans. Collection agencies and lenders are becoming increasingly aggressive.

Are you presently coping with the tension and anxiety that accompany debt? Are you questioning how you’ll be able to hold on for even one more month? You are an honest person who works hard. You do not want family and friends to know what you are going through. Anyone could encounter a similar situation when faced with job loss, illness, or even divorce.

You are not alone. I have assisted numerous clients facing financial issues through the bankruptcy process. I know what you are going through. I have seen it many times. I can assist you in your efforts to simplify your financial life. 

If you are being harassed with phone calls, or threatened with a lawsuit, give me a call to discuss your options. My firm is devoted to helping people facing the challenges of the current economic crisis. As a bankruptcy attorney, I represent and defend consumer and debtors in bankruptcy cases.

In most instances, you can even obtain relief from IRS levies or attachments. 

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